June 20th marked the first day of Summer, aka, the only time of the year when it's perfectly acceptable to barely wear clothes in public. Yes ladies, now is the time to whip out your crop tops, bikinis, strapless summer dresses, and whatever else keeps cool in the scorching heat. And if you've been following our posts, plank challenge, and exercises, or took a trapaerobics class over the past few months, then your summer body should already be here. Why not show off all of your hard work? Here's 4 full proof ways to set thirst traps on your gram this Summer:

2. The Beach Trap - Real New Yorkers value their Summers like they value restaurants that stay open until 4am. A beach trip to the Rockaways or Jones is bound to happen this Summer. Start counting those water drop emojis with a classic “hey, I'm in my bikini on the beach” pic.

Level 1: Take a birds eye shot that only showcases your bottom and legs.

Level 2: Have a friend take a full body shot.

Level 3: Have a friend take a gif or boomerang of you jumping on the beach.

2. The Gym Trap - Keep the momentum going on your workouts by hitting the gym at least once per week. It's easy to get caught up in boozy brunches and rooftop parties during the summer. In fact, it only takes 2-3 months for muscle gains to reverse after periods in inactivity, so only let them see you sweat at the gym.

Level 1: Take a sweaty gym selfie.

Level 2: Have a friend take a full body shot while flexing.

Level 3: Have a friend take a gif or video of you working out, bonus points if you're squatting.

Image Source:  Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest


3. The Music Festival Trap - This Summer, New Yorkers have been lucky enough to snag Governors Ball, a Beyonce concert, a few Drake Concerts, and the newly added Panorama fest this Summer. Use these shows to your advantage; show the world how eclectic and stylish you truly are.

Level 1: Take a picture with your squad in your best festival outfit. There's nothing better than seeing gorgeous women unite.

Level 2: Take a “us-sie” with a friend. Show the world that y'all were there.

Level 3: Have a friend take a full- body mid-crowd shot while you're dancing. Show the world that you're one with music, and hella cute while doing it.

Image Source:  Remy Deklein

Image Source: Remy Deklein

4.The #AllSummer16 Trap - Trappin ain't a hobby, it's a way for you. Or at least that's what Future said on Jumpman. Show your followers that you'll be slaying all Summer this year.

Level 1: Take a boozy brunch group shot with your gal pals at the table with you.

Level 2: Take a full body shot with your best friend at a Summer BBQ or rooftop party, because even on a regular day, you slay.

Level 3: Have a friend take a full body shot of you classily standing with your legs crossed at a Summer event, because you're Summertime fine.

Image Source:  Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest


Better stock up on water now, because with all of you beauty, the thirst will be that real this Summer. Happy trappin!