“Life only gets harder

But you gotta get stronger”

-Jhene Aiko on “W.A.Y.S.

Fact: As we grow older, our lives gets harder. The responsibilities begin to pile on and free time becomes a luxury often spent at the bar rather than the gym. What’s even more disturbing about adulthood is that although we have less time, our bodies demand more. Aging means that our metabolism moves slower, our bones grow weaker, and our muscle volume decreases.

So what can we do combat these changes? Plank.

What’s planking?

Planking is an exercise that strengthens the core via an isometric contraction.

What are the benefits?

  • Improves your posture and core strength
  • Reduces your risk of back pain

  • Improves your balance

  • Boosts metabolism through muscle strengthening

  • Boosts mood through exercise

How can you do it?

Planking is easy. Simply plant your arms or forearms directly over your shoulders. With your spine and neck in a neutral position, lift your body up off the ground. Your your toes will be firmly grounded in this position, so be sure to squeeze your glutes and core to maintain balance.Check out the gif’s below to see how to plank at three different skill levels.

Level 1: On your forearms.

Level 2: On your hands, legs together.

Level 3: On your hands, legs apart.

What’s the 30 Day Plank Challenge?

The 30-day plank challenge is a month long fitness regimen to help you reap the benefits of planking. With gradual increases in duration, and rest days built in, by the end of the month, you’ll notice a difference in your core and posture. Screenshot it below!