"Players gonna play
Haters gonna hate
That's not the life for me
Stay sucker free"

-Rashad, on "Slow Jam"

With contemporary R&B artists like August Alsina and Chris Brown referring to women as "hoes" who ain't loyal and fan favorites like Frank Ocean releasing albums once every 4-5 years (if we're lucky), it's exciting when an artist like Rashad, who's been in the music game for a while, releases a project that reminds you of why you fell in love with R&B in the first place. We're talking Keith Sweat, 112, and Tevin Campbell R&B soul.

The self-proclaimed Ohio Renaissance man and musician demonstrates all that he's learned after studying at the true school of R&B by infusing soul and hip hop in a way that makes you believe that f****boys don't exist.. His latest project, entitled The Quiet Loud, is a pure, concentrated, sample of Rashad’s soul. As the only singer, producer, writer, arranger and engineer on the project, Rashad lets the listener into a world devoid of outside influences, and tackles the lives, loves, loss, and relationships that entered his orbit in 15 tracks. Sonically, visit Rashad's planet by checking out his "The Quiet Loud" album below.