It’s never too late to start exercising!

  1. Exercise makes it  possible for you to feel like Beyonce.  Ok, maybe not exactly like Beyonce, but at the very least, your best self. When you workout your body releases chemicals called endorphins, and these endorphins not only reduce your perception of the pain, but they also trigger your brain into a state of euphoria. With Major Depression being one of the  most common mental disorders in the U.S., the psychological benefits of physical activity are well worth it!

  2. It makes your skin glow. Physical activity reduces stress, which often contributes to acne breakouts. The increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to skin cells from  exercise,  swiftly carry away pimple-inducing toxins. But there’s a catch: in order to reap this benefit you should 1) wash your face/body immediately after your sweat session and 2) wear a sun-protecting moisturizer when you workout outdoors.

  3. Physical activity makes you leaner. The weight loss benefits are pretty evident, but did you know that  nearly one-third of Americans are now considered obese? A healthy way to start losing weight via diet and exercise is to perform moderate to high physical activity for 150 minutes per week. That’s only 30 minutes per day! Leave the cayenne pepper and lemon juice cleanses alone!

  4. It’s good for your heart. Currently, heart disease accounts for nearly 25% of all deaths in the U.S. each year. There are  numerous studies that highlight the cardiovascular benefits of exercise. From lowering your risk of high blood pressure to improved breathing and blood circulation, physical activity  is a proven, natural remedy for various heart-related ailments.

  5. It helps your hair grow! Long hair, don’t care. Similarly to your skin cells, the increased blood flow from cardiorespiratory workouts also affects the hair follicle. More specifically, it’s the improved oxygen delivery that stimulates hair growth and the stress-relief benefits of exercise that prevent the hair from falling out.

Oh  yeah, and bikini season is only few months away, so get moving now! Here’s a simple interval workout to Drake & Future’s Jumpman to get you started: