Credit: Vibe

Credit: Vibe

Gains Gains Gains, that’s the most commonly used phrase amongst fitness addicts online, and in the vein of Drake, “I get it; I get it.”  I’m an advocate of muscle building, increasing endurance, strength training, resistance and all of that, because  it’s the most effective way to see progression.  I can  also admit that, I am  gratified when I see more definition in my deltoids or when my triceps jiggle a little less when I clap my hands to Beyonce’s “Formation.” But where there is great effort, there is also rest, and in the fitness world, stretching is strength training’s best friend.

Why is it important to stretch?

  1. Stretching allows us  to cool down and return to our resting heart rate.

  2. It reduces tension in the muscle. Stretching elongates the muscle after we have continually contracted it to the point of fatigue (ex. lifting).

  3. It increases our range of motion, thus increasing our flexibility.

After a long and vigorous workout, my recommendation is to play some R&B, and perform static stretches to the point of tightness for 15- 60 seconds per muscle. Depending on the intensity of your workout, a complete stretch routine can last from 5 to 10 minutes. Nevertheless, try to use this time as a period of reflection and relaxation; throw on some R&B jams and get to stretching!

Check out GrillzandGranola’s SoundCloud playlist“R&B Stretch Songs”below for inspiration.

And for an added dose of fitspo, here’s a quick hamstring stretch tutorial: