Inspired by her budding interest in fitness and love of trap music, Chavonne Hodges was influenced to merge these two passions by pursuing a group fitness certification with a specialization in aerobics instruction. A few dabs and squats later, she partnered with Fiona Harvey, MPH, and created the growing fitness sensation known as TrapAerobics. Since launching in June of 2016, GrillzandGranola's TrapAerobics movement has been well-received by various companies, creative collectives and communities interested in providing culturally-attuned and authentic wellness experiences.

The name GrillzandGranola was ideated because Grillz are the gold-plated dentures of hip-hop, and they’re also known to burn food. This is also what your body does when you turn up. And Granola? Well, it’s healthy and, more importantly, accessible almost everywhere. It's all about the word play.

Photography courtesy of Katie Henry.